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港商EC公司徵Java Engineer 年薪80~130萬

發表於: 14 May 2019


  • 1. Building, testing, maintaining, implementing and supporting application systems written in Java/Python. 
    2. Work closely with project lead, user experience design, engineering and QA teams follow by Agile development work flow. 
    3. Develop, implement and deliver application services to meet with business requirement. 
    4. Facilitate user requirement retrieve, feasibility study and on-site survey. 
    5. Maintain and support these services, with accountability for production reliability and usage, and the delivery of new functionality. 
    6. In charge with application releases and systems upgrade 
    1. 構建、測試、維護、執行和支持用Java / Python編寫的應用程序系統。 
    2. 與專案負責人,用戶體驗設計團隊、工程團隊和QA團隊緊密合作,使開發工作流程順利。 
    3. 開發、實施和交付應用程序服務以滿足業務需求。 
    4. 方便用戶需求檢索,可行性研究和需求分析。 
    5. 維護和支援這些服務,對生產可靠性和使用負責,以及提供新功能。 
    6. 負責應用程序發布和系統升級。
行業: 資訊科技/軟體/通訊
職業: 研發/工程
工作地: 台北市
僱傭類型: 全職
工作經驗: 0
薪資範圍: NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth

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